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4 months agoMarch 13, 2020
Thx for the great video Kathy - this is a good reminder to get back/stay on track!
4 months agoMarch 13, 2020
Thank you for the reminder of how important our TQI way of eating is especially now. I am grateful to you everyday, Kathy.
Doris Loeser
4 months agoMarch 13, 2020
So, what is the proper use of Ecchinacia?  This video is not clear?  Should it be used at all?  Or when should it be used?  Please clarify.  Thank you.
Kathy Abascal
4 months agoMarch 15, 2020
It should be used when you have symptoms and should not be used as a tonic preventative. Fine to use, however, if you suspect you have been exposed and may be fighting off a virus.
4 months agoMarch 13, 2020
Thank you Kathy for this informative reminder and new information. Good to hear your calming voice.
4 months agoMarch 13, 2020
Thank you Kathy, for your guidance on how we can make ourselves healthier and more resilient.
4 months agoMarch 13, 2020
Thanks for a very timely reminder Kathy. Very best wishes to you and Holly
4 months agoMarch 14, 2020
Kathy - thank you for putting this together AND spending the time to uodate your book.  I placed my book order share books and this link with family and friends.
Hi Kathy and Friends,
4 months agoMarch 15, 2020
I took the TQI Diet class twice, years ago, and am still practicing "plating" to calm inflammation. I feel confident, not cavalier, going into this pandemic as Kathy set me up for a success with her teachings. 
When talking to loved ones who haven't yet adopted this way of life, I remind them that unfavorable gut flora and fauna can turn into favorable bacteria in a matter of days. It doesn't have to take a long time to change our bodies. Now habits...well, that's another issue for all of us, but a pandemic may a good motivator. My motivator was 24/7 nerve pain which I thought would never resolve, but it has. I am pain free today and for many years now thanks to my ongoing commitment to the TQI principles...plating, plating, plating! I don't play around with my fire because I know it will burn me! 
Thank you Kathy!
Sharon Ness
Jo Ann Marshall
4 months agoMarch 22, 2020
My doctor recommended your class months ago and I am realizing I should have signed up earlier.  As I am on your email list, I got this video link.  I currently am fighting a virus that has resulted in an ear problem and my doctor has prescribed an antibiotic(ear is painful, pressured, and draining fluid and some blood).  Should I be taking echinacea?  Quercitin?
Penny Pefley
4 months agoMarch 23, 2020
Well done, and timely message, Kathy. So glad I got on board with this diet lifestyle years ago, and cooking and eating healthy has become second nature. All thanks to you!
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